Elly Rose - Graphic Designer Resume Simple
Seeking a position in the field of computer aided drafting, design, and development of the Power of the art of the art of the engineering of the company.
  • software, production, clients, animation
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Graphic Designer


    • Designed and developed a web application to allow users to access the data from the database. This allowed the company to create a new website.
    • Developed and maintained a new website for the company to provide a consistent and reliable software for clients. I was responsible for the development of the production and launch of the website.
    • Developed a new website to be used by the company to improve the animation and search capability. Also, worked with the client to create a landing page.
    • Worked with the product owner to design and develop the website for the company. These products were developed in a timely manner.

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