Ronald Bell - Web Designer Resume Simple
I'm a highly motivated, self-motivated, and conscientious web developer with a passion for learning new technologies. I am a quick learner who is committed to always going beyond what is expected.
  • government contract, web development, presentations, maintenance, web, graphic design, design
  • engineering, it, quality, web design, re engineering, web, design
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Web Designer

    Taco Johns

    • Developed and maintained website design, content management, and social media sites. Created and maintained WordPress blog posts.
    • Work with marketing and other departments to develop and maintain websites, banners, and graphics for the website and social media management sites.
    • Working with Photoshop designers and graphic Designer to design and develop websites for SEO and social media marketing. I also provided presentations to clients.
    • Responsible for maintenance of all projects and equipment. Worked with the team to develop and maintain a comprehensive and accurate client-specific schedule.
    • Collaborate with the web development team to develop and maintain a website for marketing, advertising, and other departments.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Jr Graphic Designer

    Southland Industries

    • Collaborated with the design team to ensure the quality of the product. I was responsible for the development of the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Developed and maintained a web application prototype for the IT department. Created a new system for the company to be used by the client.
    • Created and maintained a product prototype for the company. I was responsible for the development of the new features and the functionality of the website.
    • Developed and maintained a strong working relationship with UX, engineering, and technical teams. Gathered and analyzed business requirements and functional specifications.
    • Provided technical support for the website and the marketing team. Developed and maintained the content of the website. Also, worked with the database team to create a wiki page.
    • Worked with business users to develop and implement new business processes and procedures. Developed and implemented process improvement plans.

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