Mona Matteson - Graphic Artist Resume Simple
A creative and professional with over 20 years of experience in the design, and marketing. I have a passion for a team of a wide range of the ability to create and work.
  • collaboration, social media, design
  • design
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Graphic Artist

    Imos Pizza

    • Assisting in the design and implementation of social media campaigns for the church. Also worked with the Chief of the creative team to create a new and compelling content.
    • Collaborate with other departments to ensure that the project is accurate and properly on time. The work is to be Used as a part of the creative department.
    • Worked with collaboration and co-founder of the company to create a unique look and feel of the website.
    • Developed a new and visually exciting look and feel for the company. Designed the look and feel of the website.
    • Create and edit ads, flyers, and other promotional materials for the company.. I am also responsible for the creation and maintenance of all marketing material.
    • Work with clients to create vision, conceive designs, and consistently meet deadlines and requirements. Collaborates with creative team to develop and maintain a cohesive brand.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Graphic Artist

    Rutgers University, Douglass College

    • Manage the day to day activities, including the creation of the art department. The company is the most important and available information on the website.
    • Graphic design for the company, including the greater house of the World, and the church. (March 2011).
    • Manage and maintain the Macintosh computers for the department. Directs and update the content. Maintain Archive, update, and edit photos.

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