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Over 20 years of experience in the areas of business development, project management, and project management. Proven ability to lead and manage multiple projects and projects.
  • strategy, mentoring, best practices, user experience, research, hiring, education, design, product design
  • customer support, and sales, ux, scrum, user experience, product design, sales marketing, marketing, strategy, r, engineering, design, r d
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Product Designer

    Discovery Clothing Company

    • Managed the design, development, and launch of a new product line. Developed a strategy for the brand and the user experience.
    • Management of team members, including interviewing, hiring, mentoring, and education. In addition, I am also the lead for the development of a new hire orientation.
    • Develop and implement best practices for research, development, and evaluation. Manage and evaluate the effectiveness of the team.
    • Manage and lead the development of product roadmap, business requirements, and wireframes. Provide technical support to the team.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    UX Designer

    Sarasota High School

    • Worked with product owner to develop and execute business strategy and product roadmap for the company. Created and managed UX design and sales.
    • Managed product development, engineering, and sales teams to ensure the successful launch of the R&D pipeline.
    • Collaborated with product development team to develop and execute product backlog and user stories. Created and managed Scrum master plan.
    • Worked with developers to define user requirements and wireframes for the product. Designed and developed wireframes, user stories, and wireframes.
    • Created and executed product launch and sales training programs. Trained and managed the team to ensure the successful execution of the product.
    • Managed the development and execution of the sales, marketing, and technical support teams. The project was to lead the development of a new product line, and a web based application.

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