Evelyn Sanchez - Art Director Resume Simple
To continue to grow in the field of the development of the organization, I have been in the areas of the healthcare industry. My experience includes: Strategic planning and execution of the community and private sector.
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  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Art Director


    • Marketing Director, creative designer, and award winner for the writing of the annual budget, and the production of the annual sales of the Foundation.
    • IT is a strategic plan to increase revenue, create creative and cost effective budgets, and produce reports for the company.
    • Created and managed all aspects of the business including: marketing, creative, photography, and technology. Oversaw and coordinated all aspects of the event.
    • Developed a new advertising campaign that increased the number of followers and impressions by over 50%. I was also the lead for the company website.
    • Provided creative direction to the team to ensure the successful execution of the events. Oversaw the development of the website, including the creation of the website.
    • Coordinate and manage the activities of the organization to ensure that the event is displayed and maintained. Provide creative and direction to the staff.

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