George Moore - Design Consultant Resume Simple
Experienced in software development life cycle (SDLC). Strong knowledge of business processes and techniques. Experience in gathering requirements, analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance.
  • unit testing, engines, requirement analysis, web based, analysis, inventory, testing, reports, web, migration, integration testing, design, intranet, developer, integration, security, strategy, clients
  • kpi, project, databases, integration testing, integration, testing, reports, design
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Design Consultant


    • Responsible for the analysis, design, development, integration, testing, and deployment of the reports and data migration strategy.
    • Performed web based application development, including training and maintenance of intranet systems. Worked with the team to develop and implement new features and enhancements.
    • Responsible for the development of the application and maintenance of the website. I also worked with the client to gather the requirements and then to the new features.
    • Performed the code reviews and maintenance of the application. Developed the code for the new features and enhancements. The product was implemented to provide the best solutions for the customer.
    • Worked with the customer to ensure that the product was delivered on time and within the deadline. Also, handled the maintenance of the site.
    • Created and maintained the system and application maintenance for the company. I was responsible for the development of the new product and the new features.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Designer and Developer


    • Functional design, development, integration, testing, and support of the reports and databases. The application was developed using the Oracle database.
    • This project is to develop a KPI to measure the performance of the system. This is a key role in the process of creating the new business processes.
    • Responsible for the development of a new product for the company. The project was to develop a new web application that will be used by the client.
    • The application was developed to allow the users to select the right information from the client. We have a single point of contact for the customer.
    • Created and maintained the user interface (UI) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS and Bootstrap.
    • Created a custom directive for the application to show the details of the account. Also, used the user interface to display the data.

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