Billy Scott - Senior Developer Resume Simple
Microsoft certified professional with over 14 years of experience in the IT industry. Extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing intranet, Internet, intranet, web based and client/Server applications.
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  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Senior Developer

    Asi Career Institute

    • Designed and developed the back-end SQL Server stored procedures, Triggers, views, and functions. This allowed the team to create a new software for the company.
    • Implemented a Microsoft SQL Developer to improve the performance of the application. Created a custom Endur application that allowed the sales team to create a new product.
    • Worked on a team of developers to deliver a new product in a SharePoint environment. A team of developers, I was responsible for the development of a custom application using PHP, JQuery, and.
    • Designed and developed a new back-end application using ASP.NET MVC, and less than 5 million.
    • Designed and developed a new back-end process for the sales order processing system. Created a Foundation for the company to track the status of the data.
    • Created and maintained the SQL queries to ensure the data integrity and consistency. Also, used the same to create a new table.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Mid - Senior Developer

    Branham High School

    • Designed and developed a new quality assurance process for the organization using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and a combination of scripting and service Oriented architecture.
    • Involved in TFS (Team Foundation Server) for the development of the project and used the configuration of the application.
    • Created a project plan for the company using TFS, and SharePoint. This allowed the organization to create a custom site for the users.
    • I have worked on the project to develop the front end application using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, which is used by the team to build the configuration of the application.
    • Created and maintained a project -plan for the front end of the SharePoint application using TFS. Managed the implementation of the new features of the product.
    • Involved in the development of the front end application using Microsoft project configuration and the use of AJAX to make the website more interactive.

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