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Experienced and knowledgeable software engineer with a proven track record of delivering high quality products and solutions. Skilled in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.
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    Webster Bank

    • Worked with QA team to develop and maintain testing scripts. Created and maintained a new product. The system was used to allow the development of a new product.
    • Worked with the web design team to develop and maintain a strong website and mobile friendly software for the company.
    • Designed and implemented a new web application to be used by the Flash player and a UI for the iPhone and Android phones.
    • Designed and implemented a logo and social media advertising system for the company. Worked with the graphic Designer to create a user friendly website.
    • I have worked with clients to develop and maintain the website for the company. These sites were used to provide a blog and a forum to be used.
    • Develop and maintain the website and social media sites for the translation of the customer information to the company. I also worked with graphic designers, developers, and other technical writers.

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